Manufacturing Manager – KBB Manufacturing Industry

I endorse Sterling Recruitment as our preferred recruitment partner for the following reasons:
SRS make it their business to fully understand the calibre of candidate we at PWS re-quire. Chantelle & her team ensure that they only put candidates in front of us who they know fit the bill for both attitude & aptitude.

SRS have assisted us through 5+ significant recruitment drives over the last 3 years. On each occasion they have recognised the need for haste, without overlooking the fundamental skills & attitudes we require.

SRS do not have a one size fits all approach. There have been times where we have needed to recruit for highly skilled roles which requires a totally different approach to when we are in need of mass recruitment. On these occasions Chantelle has ensured her team adapt and account for the different needs of the strategy required for each category of employment.

Another example of this adaptation is during mass recruitment we do not always have the resource or time available to interview all candidates. When we are forced down this route & have requested immediate staff without meeting them first they have only supplied pre interviewed team members.
On the rare occasions where we have had problematic new starters, SRS jump in and have the difficult conversations when required.

SRS communicate very effectively. No stone is left unturned; they will contact new starters to see how they are getting on which provides great feedback, they check in with us to ensure new starters are there on time, provide PPE in advance and provide updates in a timely manner.

Response times from SRS are brilliant. They are always at hand to respond within the hour. Even if they are in a meeting you will be advised that they will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Chantelle makes certain that holidays are covered and we are fully aware of who we will be dealing with during planned leave in advance.